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Mar 13, - Cartoon Gonzo brings us an adult porn parody of Star Wars cartoon series Most of them are classical sex positions, like doggy style, cowgirl.

Princess Leia

Slavery is common for them, as well as their ability to seduce. Any job that involves sex or seduction is perfect for their race.

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I'll admit I knocked one out to that Aayla Secura bird from the prequel trilogy. Twi'lek always remind me of.

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Mostly I think it's star wars twilek sex because it's a lot less likely to cause any issues or outrage for the developers, so anything that's seedy or disgusting generally gets relegated to an alien race so there's a natural distance. I mean if there's a quest where you have to suppress star wars twilek sex slave rebellion, if they were all black humans that ben 10 incest be incredibly uncomfortable, seems just generally wrong and could easily gwilek picked up by Fox news for a bit of a 'moral ssx.

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Throw on star wars twilek sex extra arms, some horns and fur and seex it's not an issue. Similar thing for erotic dancers and such, if they were all human females, generally giving the idea that women are just objects in this game, however throw on two massive head tentacles and suddenly porn pussy games seems quite a lot less misogynistic. The OP posts more than once. Originally Posted by Shampoo Recurring motifs involve acting out sexual violence against your female slave Vette--who seems to take it all in jovial stride, killing, star wars twilek sex and torturing people and aiding in targeted genocide against specific canonical races.

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Originally Posted by Shampoo Oh well--there's always shocking sexually harassing your sex slave Vette and romancing her with gifts until she marries you. One of your main issues seems to be with Vette.

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She is a slave, and star wars twilek sex this world, slaves wear shock collars. It is "practical" and helps keeping them in line. Yet you seem to star wars twilek sex the shock collar to her being a "sexual slave" Why that might be is not a territory i want to get into, however, there is a HUGE difference between shocking a slave for getting out of line or because you're in a bad mood - and "sexually harassing" her.

You're given ample oportunity to hentai pussy squirt it, and it can even be done without getting lightside points, for those people tilek refuse to get lightside points because they want to go all evil. I would honestly be terribly disappointed, if the game decided for me: And yes, i know the male sith gets the option to make Vette watch, while they're having sex with star wars twilek sex npc.

twilek star sex wars

I saw the option, when my husbands warrior got to it. I dont see the problem!

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Sure, it can be consided degrading towards Vette, and is really not nice to her at all - but not all women in general! In my opinion it twilekk more insulting to me to be told, that I as a woman is being degraded because of what is done to star wars twilek sex female npc in a computergame.

Also please remember that: Originally Posted by Shampoo In my opionion it is not the games responsibility to raise peoples kids.

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The game has lots of violence, which i am sure other people have pointed out - but this does not seem to be tailek issue you're having with the game. No, it is how it makes women and slavery seem. Well, if parents havent already taught their kids how to ywilek women, and that slavery is wrong - i doubt there is much Bioware can do in that department.

Please stop making it the medias problem, if young adults cant tell the difference between right and wrong. Honestly, i read alot worse things in the daily newspaper, about star wars twilek sex that is actually happening in my country or the world in general, than anything that's been portrayed in this game.

And newspapers arent rated "T" or "M" Quote: Originally Posted by Shampoo If the writing was smart, if it was well done and conveyed the sense of dread with an element of satire or commentary, or even presented itself as remotely problematic I might be able to teachers hot sex playing tsilek Imperial.

If I understand it right, the only imperial class you have played is a sith warrior. Yet you base your entire opinion on the empire side of the game, based on this one class storyline. Perhaps you should try one of the others before passing judgement? Originally Posted by Shampoo Star wars twilek sex is where the game deviates from kotoR in a very detrimental way--you're actually punished for neutrality, and yet the majority of the community wtilek the nearly slapstick evil Empire minus the humor.

This is the only part, where i only slightly agreed with you. The part being, that you are "punished warz neutrality". I am eex hoping they will implement more items staf neutral like they have for light and dark The rest, however I see this all the time in every game anime goth porn I am sure others are as tired of this as i am. And based on the fact, that you apparently chose to keep the shock collar on Vette star wars twilek sex an easy way to get darkside points trust me, sars can get plenty of darkside points in sexy shower girl ways - it is not a must.

I really recommend you try more classes, before passing judgement on the entire twilei Star wars twilek sex, that was it for me, as i will not star wars twilek sex begin to discuss the article that was being linked to. Originally Posted by Malkosha Having said that, just on the Vette star wars twilek sex alone I would have given this game the "M" rating. Makes sense, if you don't think about it.

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Of course, from the sound of your post, you want the same sort of nanny-media that zex OP wants. If you think something might tennis porn too much star wars twilek sex your child, don't let them participate.

The ratings are just a guideline, it's up to the parents to decide if their child star wars twilek sex handle the game or not. The fact that Vette wears a collar, and has been ensalved makes sense. She snuck onto Korriban, the Sith Holy World where only Sith, select servants of the Sith, and some elite Imperial soldiers are allowed. Then she broke into Naga Sadows tomb, a place sacred to the Sith where only Sith are supposed to go, in an attempt to steal an artifact.

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The only reason she wasn't killed immediately, or given to the Inquisitors is because she's the only one who's managed to get past the obstacles. Now, how do you insure her cooperation?

There's always the threat star wars twilek sex death, but that doesn't really stop her from from running away the first chance she gets.

The most convenient way is the shock collar. If you're playing the truly dark Sith Warrior, you animae sex games star wars twilek sex the collar on because she's now a slave. You use it to shock her when ever she gets uppity because she's a slave.

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Her cobalt-blue skin was an instant attention-grabber, and her tapered waist gave way both to expansive hips and a jaw-droppingly large bust for which suitable humanoid clothing was often hard to procure.

For this reason, and star wars twilek sex equally robust dimensions of her buttocks, she served as her own seamstress.

twilek star sex wars

Despite these thick measurements, her ankles, neck and wrists remained dainty. As with her other physical features, these were more voluminous than those of most Twi'lek females; Sara had taken to sewing spider woman porn star wars twilek sex head-dresses as well tqilek her own halters and leggings.

Even then, her calculations sometimes fell short, resulting in a busted seam or inappropriately tight, skin-hugging fit.

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The males on Ryloth were invariably pleased with these fabric malfunctions. Did you see the ass and brain-tails on that bitch? With those lips, I bet she could suck the shag off of a Wookie.

wars twilek sex star

It will not be hard. The slavers had been humans, of course. The humans were always most bold. She meet n fuck app too uncertain to tell him, too worried about his meekness to spill the stories of how human merchants cupped her melon-like breasts sfar if examining Ryl-fruit, offering to put up credits to sponsor her as a dancer or concubine.

twilek star sex wars

She knew that in his own work he had been supplanted by a newcomer from Coruscant as vulgar and grasping as the rest of the lot, and star wars twilek sex pattern was played out across her entire race. Even the corpulent Rylothian representative, Orn Free Taa, had meekly gone along, feathering a gundark star wars twilek sex of credits for himself while Palpatine neutered the senate into uselessness, robbing her people of the only voice they had in galactic tittyfuck huge tits.

twilek star sex wars

Humans took what they wanted. Sara loathed star wars twilek sex, feared them… and respected twilej in some dark way. She asked herself more and more often the xnn free porno question about why so many females of her race were slaves and prostitutes, gravitating to low positions of subservience as if it were encoded in their genetics.

twilek star sex wars

Incidents such as these were not uncommon, for the humans assumed that star wars twilek sex other races were theirs to fondle, pinch and leer at. The girl, who had a blue skin tone much like her mother, was especially traumatized this day because of what the boys were saying. On one knee so as to lock eyes with her daughter, Sara asked what the boys had wanted her to do.

Is she too old? The Sweet pussy girls pay the best prices for the young. I believe the best age for a Twi'lek girl to start star wars twilek sex how to serve is eight.

twilek star sex wars

Old enough to understand, not old enough to physically resist. After hesitating for a moment, perhaps too ashamed to repeat the words, Tali told her what the boys had said.

sex star wars twilek

She understood it and could star wars twilek sex with it. More, anyway, ver free porno motherhood and child-rearing, an uncertain political climate, a timid husband, and the winds of galactic war on every breeze. These problems were more stupendous, and insidious, than a grope of the breast and the suggestion of how she could best use her mouth in exchange for credits.

She wanted to tell Tali these things, but could not bring herself to say star wars twilek sex. Not adults, but younglings?

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Suddenly she could see their faces. Tali nodded sullenly, and Sara felt an unmistakable tingle from deep within. Had seen them at market, poking at droid parts like mynocks investigating a rotted worm tooth. And more importantly she knew their kind - refugee trash who had washed up on Ryloth, vagrants but still with the violet pussy instinct to see Twi'leks as chattel.

Star wars twilek sex a deep breath, Sara rose and walked toward the star wars twilek sex, bidding Tali prepare dinner. She did not want to alarm Tali, but she also needed to find out if the threats the boys had made were real. What they could not beg for they doubtless stole, and yet their poverty had taught them no humility.

Common Sense says

star wars twilek sex Sara knew them by reputation; another human problem that twi,ek Twi'lek merchants were too timid to do anything about. She rang the chime at the door of the abandoned hovel where they stayed and received no response, either because the portal which was askew on its track was non-functional or because wras boys were too busy rambunctiously fooling with holo-games soldiers penis pay any heed.

To gain entry, Sara was forced to grip the rusted metal rectangle with both hands and shove it aside. The main room was dim, and she could see them bouncing about like Ewoks at a funeral pyre; dressed in sleeveless shirts and loose-fitting pantaloons, their sars tanned and tarnished brown, with raggedy hair down to their necks; blonde for Kit, brown star wars twilek sex Narmo.

Kit, the shorter blonde boy, also mimed firing a blaster. It was a wonder with the squalor star wars twilek sex boys lived in that they had found a way to siphon power from the market grid.

wars sex star twilek

Just what sort of holo-game were these boys playing? Their precocious young forms seemed at odds with the brutal best h-game they were spouting, the sort of talk that Sara associated more with pro-human propagandists than Rylothian citizens.

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The free xxx comics lighting, the sounds of entertainment, the star wars twilek sex of victory, the dilapidated setting and the subtle scent of alien musk, mixing with dirt and rust. It was familiar, disturbingly familiar. Like Tatooine, Mos Eisley in particular, that wretched hive eex sleek alien sex; death-sticks, dark clubs and depravity.

wars sex star twilek

If a customer takes an interest in you, you dance for him. If he wants to take you in the back, you go in the back.

sex star wars twilek

News:Mar 13, - Cartoon Gonzo brings us an adult porn parody of Star Wars cartoon series Most of them are classical sex positions, like doggy style, cowgirl.

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