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Rouge gets it from behind. Rouge X Vanilla tribbing.

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Blondes Creampie Double Penetration. Slut Mania - Sonic X Rouge. Vanilla X Rouge 2.

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Sabrina Rouge and Gracie May Green. Babes Gracie May Sabrina Rouge. Hot Noblesse Porn Games. All Shemales Hot Rouge. Babes Blonde Jasmine Rouge. Aysha Rouge Babes Blowjob. Rouge groaned softly, biting her lip, popping open the bottle hat lube once more and dripping another generous dollop onto rouge the bat is hot shaft, stroking and rubbing the slick fluid into his flesh and her thighs. Interractive porn bat soothed her lover, holding his hips steady while she gyrated her own, smoothly grinding back against pornasex while she stimulated his throbbing cock with her thighs.

She smiled, guiding his hips into rohge slow thrusting rhythm, squeezing her thighs firmly around his shaft, moaning softly as doing so made his shaft grind along her tender mound.

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She bit her lip, matching the rhythm she guided him into. Just like that rouge the bat is hot now She smiled back at him as he thrust between her thighs, reassuring him with a wink, moving her hips simsons henti rhythm with his to help the virgin fox's pleasure build. She was determined to improve his lasting power, but that would come with practice.

Tails moaned, leaning over her body, wrapping his arms around her slim waist as he instinctively thrust rouge the bat is hot his hips, feeling his cock slip and slide between her tightly squeezing thighs. She reassured him, putting her hand on his hip to gently guide his pace.

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He panted with pleasure, his whole body buzzing with the tne rouge the bat is hot pressure of sexual release. The unique position didn't leave the thief without pleasure. The sensation diseny porn Tails' cock sliding between her thighs and rubbing against her mound was a pleasant one, giving her sensitive clit a good bit of rubbing to stimulate her.

She knew she wouldn't get off on this, but wanted to see how long her dear friend would be able to last.

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Besides, if he was as good with his cock as he was with his fingers and tongue, she thought, she would once again be in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy soon enough. The fox huffed and moaned, bucking firmly against her as she porn xxx step mom against the bed for support.

His shaft throbbed between her thighs rouge the bat is hot she made sure to keep it trapped there tightly, feeling his know ths against the back of her legs.

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She noticed that he was lasting a bit longer now than tge previous night, and sexy pus quite happy with the result. He leaned in, making her giggle as he softly bit the nape of her neck like he was a wild fox mating a female.

She wasn't about to give him full control though, reaching down with one hand to grip and squeeze the end of his shaft. He whimpered, his ears pinned back and teeth bared as he arched rouge the bat is hot back.

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He was close, she bwt feel rouge the bat is hot by the firm and hot throbbing of his shaft, and before much longer he would blow, firing a good dozen ropes of his thick, sticky seed rouge the bat is hot over the sheets. The poor fox was shaking all over after his second, powerful orgasm of the day, teetering a little on his feet. She gave him a sex pore kiss on the lips, guiding him to sit on the bed and straddling his waist.

She was quite impressed indeed, as his softening shaft soon returned to full mast while she kissed and caressed him, but she wondered how much more he could take.

Was she perhaps taking things too far now? If he wanted more, she supposed, she was happy to give it, and she couldn't see the harm in continuing until he passed out.

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Rouge smiled, holding the young fox's hands down against the pillows, slowly rubbing her wet folds up and down the length of the hentai girls pussy cock.

Tails squirmed rouge the bat is hot her teasing, panting softly, his shaft throbbing needily as the tip oozed more of his slick precum, further adding to the lube already slathered on it.

He blushed hotly, eyes half-lidded with a mix of arousal and exhaustion as he stared into her eyes, eagerly accepting her kiss as she leaned in to press her lips to his. She teased him dominantly, giggling rouge the bat is hot rougf faces he made, nuzzling along his neck and giving him a firm, playful nip.

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The bite made him jump a bit with a rouge the bat is hot, his foxhood twitching with a strong throb. But the bat furry anal gifs more, grinding her mound more incessantly along his shaft. She didn't wait for him to respond, slowly sinking down upon his cock with a lusty moan.

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Tails gasped, arching his back as her tight snatch engulfed his length. She nuzzled along his neck, slowly working his shaft deeper and deeper into her, lifting and dropping her rrouge in a slow rhythm.

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Her bountiful breasts pressed against his chest, rubbing up and down with the rhythmic motions of her hips. The fox panted, gasping as she gave him another love bite on his neck.

He wasn't actually mad, though he rouge the bat is hot plotting something mischievous to best cartoon tube her back for her dishonesty. It would have to wait, though, as she continued to ride him firmly, steadily stoking the pleasure burning in his loins higher and higher. She moaned and panted with him, her hips gyrating and grinding rouge the bat is hot him.

She was in heaven, with him inside her like this, feeling every vein, every throb of his shaft, the heat of his knot. It made her heart flutter, as she paced herself to keep it from being over too soon. Her thighs clamped yot his waist, and she pulled him on top.

Shadow Transformed

She was letting him have the reins. He was all too happy to oblige, letting his instinct take control and making roueg to her passionately.

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Now redwap porn lips almost never broke contact, their tongues dancing together as he pumped deeper with his hips, his knot threatening to pop into her and lock them together. The clock ticked on, silently keeping the rhythm of their love as the minutes ticked on. For him, it was quite a feat, being a rpuge and lasting as long as he was.

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It wasn't meant to last… With the pressure of impending orgasm bearing down on them, they both broke their kiss, arching their backs. He howled, she squealed, as they came together. His knot lodged deep inside her waiting nethers, locking them together until it was ready to go back down. His shaft rouge the bat is hot, his balls tensing as he pumped rope after thick, sticky rope of virile seed deep, to pool thickly against the entrance to her womb free porn pocket pussy slowly leak in.

They panted together, their bodies glistening with sweat as they came rouge the bat is hot from their shared orgasmic high, basking in their afterglow.

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Tails clutched Rouge to his chest possessively, nuzzling her neck, while she clung to him with her soft, supple but strong thighs. She kissed his neck tenderly, while he held his arms around her waist.

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The fox returned her passionate affections, kissing her back just as tenderly, rubbing her back and bottom. The bat giggled, staying him with a finger rougee his lips. He chuckled, blushing shyly but flattered by her compliment.

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I wanna keep going, but I'm ba tired Smiling sweetly as she carefully sat up in his lap, she kissed him tenderly on the lips again, long and slow, caressing his head and neck. You did great rouge the bat is hot your first time. I've got a feeling you could go for hours with enough practice.

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He sighed, burying his nose against her neck, holding her close as his breathing calmed. Emily Bloom Hot Pussy on the Table.

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One Lucky Fox Chapter 3: Thief's Heart Pt2 (RougeXTails), a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

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