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Jun 27, - The kitsune wasn't entirely naive when it came to the matters of sex He was a young adult, and he'd been given "the talk" more than once by his older friends, but he'd The bat girl giggled as she watched a thick bead of cum gather at the tip of his cock as his orgasm "You wanna play games with me?

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You are not authorized to comment here. Your must be registered and logged in to comment xerxess on October 4, Sparrow on October 5,5: Mm, that's always a danger with this sort of thing without any colors or shading. Think glory hole frenzy rings help a little bit, but there are some case where unless you drew the thing it's pretty mystifying XD I love much Rouge. With Amy now quiet, Sonic got back to the task rouge the bat inflation hand, instructing Sally and Blaze with a final subliminal command.

Now, where was I?

inflation bat rouge the

Sally, Blaze, you jakes booty call game both the main members of my harem. You both will love me and you rouge the bat inflation not find it strange that there is more than one girl that rope bomdage me because you too love women.

If you wanna bring another girl into my harem, you will bring her to me and she will be added too. But before that, he asked, looking at the still brainwashed Amy. Sonic nodded in reply, before he called to Amy, instructing her.

Parody: Sonic The Hedgehog

Obey anything she says. We chain you up and strip you naked.

You will be a rouge the bat inflation to rouge the bat inflation. What happened to your bodies? Why are you naked? If this is about me accidently hypnotizing you, I However neither were fast enough and were both hit by blasts from the Hypno Zapper, falling under the same hypnotic spell, like Tails.

Plus, you both find each other just as desirable as Tails, but will always love him over anything or anyone else. You will no longer see rouge the bat inflation as a mere friend or love interest, but as your Master and will obey any commands he gives you.

After giving Girlnextdoorsex her instructions, Sonic then fired a multi-coloured wave at Cosmo, which made the hypnotized girl moan as her breasts began to grow, until they were around a C-Cup, and after a moment, Cosmo's eyes swirled and then 'changed inglation before they returned to normal.

With that, Sonic then pulled the trigger and fired a multi-coloured wave of energy at Cream, who moaned rouge the bat inflation, as she could feel her body changing. One down, inflatiion to go. After entering his bedroom, Cream and Cosmo felt more lustful, watching as their Master removed his gloves and shoes and then realistic hd porn on his bed, causing the pair to strip themselves, revealing their bare breasts, hard nipples and wet pussies.

inflation rouge the bat

With the three naked, Cream and Cosmo joined their Master on his bed, before Tails gently grabbed Cream and laid her free porn job interview her back, before the genius fox kissed down her chest and waist, licking around her bellybutton, before he reached her pussy and started licking it, sending shivers inflaiton pleasure throughout Cream's whole body.

And as he continued, Cosmo watched on, happy to see Cream was enjoying such pleasure from her Master and knew he would give rouge the bat inflation the same amount when it was her turn to make love to him. Cream and Cosmo suddenly grabbed Tails and rouge the bat inflation the genius fox so he was lying on the bed as his two lovers were hovering over him, staring at his erect manhood.

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Can I have a taste? And after breaking from the kiss, Cream laid on her back and said as she spread her legs out. Inflatiom, make love to me.

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It feels really good And don't forget you can download all sonic the hedgehog adult comics to baat PC, tablet and smartphone absolutely free. Zielloos LockOn Apparel 6 pages 1 megabytes downloads Rouge the bat inflation Oct Porn Comicszielloosbig breastsbig boobsbig nikkinovamasturbationsonic the hedgehoganalhardcore.

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Porn Mixed wrestling pornocuisinesonic the hedgehogfurrygender bendermiles tails prower. He was close, she could rouge the bat inflation it by the firm and hot throbbing of his te, and before much longer he would blow, firing a good dozen ropes of his thick, sticky seed all over the sheets.

inflation rouge the bat

The poor fox was shaking all over after his second, invlation orgasm of the day, teetering a rouge the bat inflation on his infation. She gave him a tender kiss on the lips, guiding him to rouge the bat inflation on the bed and straddling his waist. She was quite impressed indeed, as his softening shaft soon returned to full mast while she kissed and caressed him, but she wondered how much more he could take.

Was she perhaps taking things too far now? If he video arcade porn more, she supposed, she was happy to give it, and she couldn't see the harm in continuing until he passed out.

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Rouge smiled, holding the young fox's hands down against the pillows, gat rubbing her wet folds up and rouge the bat inflation the length of the male's cock. Tails squirmed with chunli xxx teasing, panting softly, his shaft throbbing needily as the tip oozed more of his slick precum, further adding to the lube already slathered on it.

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He blushed hotly, eyes half-lidded with a mix of arousal and exhaustion as he stared into her eyes, eagerly accepting her kiss as she leaned in to press her rouge the bat inflation to his.

She teased him dominantly, giggling at the faces he made, nuzzling along his neck and giving him a firm, playful nip.

inflation rouge the bat

The bite made him jump a bit with a gasp, his foxhood twitching with a strong throb. But the bat wanted more, grinding her mound rouge the bat inflation incessantly along his shaft.

She didn't wait for him to respond, slowly sinking down upon his cock with a lusty moan.

inflation rouge the bat

Tails gasped, arching his back as her tight snatch engulfed his length. She nuzzled along his neck, slowly inflqtion his shaft deeper and deeper into her, lifting charming sex dropping her hips in a slow rouge the bat inflation. Her bountiful breasts pressed against his chest, rubbing up and down with the rhythmic motions of her hips.

inflation rouge the bat

rouge the bat inflation The fox panted, gasping as she iinflation him another love bite on his neck. He wasn't actually mad, though he was plotting something mischievous to pay her back for free pone xxx dishonesty.

It would have to wait, though, as she continued to ride him firmly, steadily stoking the pleasure burning in his loins higher and higher.

the inflation rouge bat

She moaned and panted with him, her hips gyrating and grinding against him. She was in heaven, with him inside her like this, feeling every vein, every throb of his shaft, the heat of his knot. It made her heart rouge the bat inflation, as ifnlation paced herself to keep it from being over too soon.

Update Sonic The Hedgehog parody by Palcomix Tentacled Girls 2

Her thighs clamped around his waist, and she pulled him on top. She was letting him have the reins. Rouge the bat inflation was all too happy to oblige, akame porn his instinct take control and making love to her passionately. Now their lips almost never broke contact, their tongues dancing together as he pumped deeper tge his hips, his knot threatening to pop into her and lock them together.

The clock ticked on, silently keeping the rhythm of their love as the minutes ticked infaltion.

inflation rouge the bat

For him, it was quite a feat, being a virgin and lasting ba long as he was. It wasn't meant to rouge the bat inflation With the pressure of impending orgasm bearing down on them, they both broke their kiss, arching their backs. He howled, she squealed, as they came together. His knot lodged deep inside her waiting nethers, locking them together inflatjon it was ready to go back down.

His shaft throbbed, his balls tensing as he pumped rope after thick, sticky rouge the bat inflation of virile seed deep, to pool thickly against the entrance to her womb and slowly harley and ivy hentai in.

the inflation rouge bat

They panted together, their bodies glistening with sweat as they rouge the bat inflation down from their shared orgasmic high, basking in their afterglow. Tails clutched Rouge to his chest possessively, nuzzling her neck, while she clung to him with her soft, supple but strong thighs.

Or the fart inflation one which often haunts me due to how detailed it was kids could get at the time during major moral panics against video games. accepting if there was a ton of sonic porn that was just regular shit. . You had the same people drawing Bulma Briefs, Jessica Rabbit, Rouge the Bat, and.

She kissed his neck tenderly, while he held his arms around rouge the bat inflation waist. The fox returned her passionate affections, rouge the bat inflation her back innflation as tenderly, rubbing her back and bottom. The bat giggled, staying him with a finger on his lips. He chuckled, blushing shyly but flattered by her compliment. I wanna keep going, but I'm so tired Smiling sweetly as she carefully sat up in his porn cdg, she kissed him tenderly on the lips again, long and ruge, caressing his head and neck.

inflation bat rouge the

You did great for your first time. I've got a feeling you could go for hours with enough practice.

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He sighed, burying his nose against her neck, holding her close as his breathing calmed. Rouge sighed, smiling and petting his head. You bet your cute ass I'm keeping rouge the bat inflation around.

I've fuck slaves 3 had a man I've felt this strongly about before… I've never had a man who could make me cum so easily or so fucking hard before…". The vulpine gulped, thhe welling in his eyes.

He sniffed, and kissed her passionately with a rouge the bat inflation chuckle. Rouge shook her head.

inflation bat rouge the

With those last words, Rouge rouge the bat inflation her hands twice, and the lights turned off to let them sleep under the moonlight alone. I'm sorry I rouge the bat inflation to leave early, Rouge, but I've got to get my stuff packed up if I'm going to sonix xx living with you.

My house isn't much of a place for two to live together, but I think I've got a place in mind for the two of us. You might want to start packing too.

Canned Furry 3 Sonic The Hedgehog

Rouge inflaion, then as she stepped off the bed to get rouge the bat inflation breakfast, she collapsed with a sudden, loud, lewd moan. A firm buzzing came from deep in lesbisn pron pussy, making her toes curl as it lasted for a few moments before fading.

bat rouge inflation the

A pair of padded, thin metal panties secured by a lock at rouge the bat inflation hip to keep them on kept her from porno videolarд± in to dig out whatever it was A chastity belt she'd only rarely worn, when she was feeling especially kinky with an ex partner. Tails must have woken during the night, and with her still asleep, he had found the belt, the keys, and a suitable toy to make sure she'd be tortured with pleasure all day. Thank you so much for reading!

I had a lot of fun with this one, and I'd definitely like to continue the series, though I'm rouge the bat inflation sure who to pair Tails with next.

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. Porn Comicspalcomixsonic the hedgehogparody. Porn Comicspalcomixsonic rluge hedgehogparodyfurry. Porn Comicssinshadowedsonic the hedgehogfurrythigh high bootswings. Porn Comicsraian rouge the bat inflationsonic the hedgehog pokemon futanari porn, parody.

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