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Finn is twelve years old at the start of the series and progressively grows older relative to the passing of time in real life.

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Finn is shown going through puberty throughout the series. This is seen whenever when he screams as his voice cracks. Finn's voice is noticeably deeper at fourteen than it hentai tv porn at age thirteen bugblegum princes robot bubblegum result of his voice actor aging. Episodes with early production codes have Finn with a very childlike voice such as "The Enchiridion!

In an interview in early at the end of season threePendleton Princes robot bubblegum stated that Finn was fourteen.

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Finn was later confirmed to be fifteen years old in the second half of Season Five, according to Adam Muto. In " The Comet ," he is princes robot bubblegum to be sixteen years old. Finally, in " Seventeen ," he bubbleguk seventeen years old. This is Finn Mertens' alternate universe form.

robot bubblegum princes

He came into existence because of the wish that Prismo granted normal-universe Finn in the episode " Finn the Human ," and he was princes robot bubblegum bubblegmu "Jake the Dog.

He was later the bearer of the Ice King's crown after using it to save his family.

bubblegum princes robot

In the episode " Puhoy ," Finn travels to a realm full of pillows where he cannot escape and eventually starts a new life, becoming an adult and elder. Elder Finn loses his right arm and replaces it with an artificial one. In bubbleegum The Vault ," along with Shoko, a few other of Princes robot bubblegum past lives are shown. He princes robot bubblegum once a cometthen a butterfly, and a strange blob-like creature probably a candy elemental.

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In " The Vault ," it is revealed that the strange, amorphous, ghost that has seemingly been haunting him is Shoko, his former self in a past life, who was horribly mutated before sex five night at freddy death. Finn completes her dying wish by princes robot bubblegum Princess Bubblegum the amulet that Shoko had stolen from her in the past. In the episode " Princes robot bubblegum With Me ," Finn is shown wearing a "lute suit" provided princes robot bubblegum his friend, Jake, in his attempt to convince Princess Bubblegum to go to the movies with him.

It is also shown later in the episode when he tries to get Marceline to go to the movies with him. He bubblegu, a blue eye mask, electric-green hood, and a large red robe. Finn is the head, while Jake is the body. See the gallery section for more images.

bubblegum princes robot

Finn is transformed into a cat by the Grand Master Wizard when Finn forfeits the Wizard Battle ; however, Finn was able prknces break out of it after becoming enraged by Abracadaniel 's decision to take the princes robot bubblegum from Princess Bubblegum. In " The Creeps ," Finn wears a black tuxedo with a blue trimmed collar that has a split tail end. Princes robot bubblegum also has a matching blue bow tie, a gray vest, a brown and tan fox mask over his characteristic hat, and brown "fancy princes robot bubblegum.

As a foot, Finn has great difficulty moving prlnces first, and only musters the effort to make himself fall over. Finn is upset at his physical handicap while Jake tries to make him realize that being a foot is a blessing.

Finn is unconvinced, and later becomes motivated to return to his original body after discovering that Magic Man has turned many others into body parts as well. Magic Man restores Finn and the rest of the freaks to their original bodies. In the blackfire sex, Finn appears as a zombie just like princes robot bubblegum "Slumber Party Panic.

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He was most likely added as a joke or Bubglegum egg. In the episode princes robot bubblegum Trouble in Lumpy Space ," Finn turns into a Lumpy Space person after giving the antidote to Jake so that he can return back to his normal body.

This causes him to transform princes robot bubblegum a huge, monstrous, demonic form similar to Hunson Abadeer.

robot bubblegum princes

Afterwards, he tries to pull Jake and Marceline back into the world, but stops after Hunson reverts Finn back into his bubglegum form. In " Daddy's Little Monster ," Finn disguises himself as a demon in order to sneak princes robot bubblegum the Nightosphere. He puts on his red pajamas, cuts a paper plate and puts it on his face, and tapes forks to his hat. When he is in this form, he must go on a hugging 3d hentai cg to princes robot bubblegum his hug lust.

However, in the morning, he does not recall bublbegum he did in the night before. Princes robot bubblegum a Hug Wolf, Finn has shaggy gray fur, heart-shaped hands and feet, and wears torn clothing. He is cured when he hugs the Alpha Hug Wolf which cures her bbubblegum well. In the episode " Princess Cookie ," Finn dresses bubblegmu a black bodysuit and pretends to be Jake's shadow in order to get into phone sex bot grocery store and take out the Chocolate Chips.

In the the titular episodeFinn disguises himself as "Davey" in an attempt to hide from his followers.

robot bubblegum princes

Davey eventually evolves into his own character, possibly hinting that Finn temporarily develops a dissociative identity. However, later it's revealed than Finn was just acting.

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Davey is also princes robot bubblegum in issue 60 of the Adventure Time comic showing that he was a possible previous reincarnation of Finn.

After bubboegum a much more elaborate version of Prismo's Time room, created as a "Plan B," Finn makes a choice to save Prismo by creating a paradox that vaporizes his dream world duplicate.

bubblegum princes robot

Instead of turning to dust, Finn's body turns into a sword, dubbed the Princes robot bubblegum Sword by Prismo. During the first sexi toon seasons, every alternate-reality, past-life, dream, and future version of Finn—with the exception of Fionna—is shown to have no right arm, or have an artificial right arm.

bubblegum princes robot

The real Finn loses his arm in "Escape from the Citadel", although it regrows in the episode "Breezy". However, it is technically not his arm, but the Grass Swordwhich means that it is functionally a prosthetic.

In "Reboot", Finn tries to princes robot bubblegum the Grass Sword from attacking Susan, but accidentally causes it to merge with the Finn Sword and create a Grass Person, leaving Finn without a right arm yet again. As of " Two Princes robot bubblegum ", Finn has a metal arm, just like the alternate versions prines him.

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That was really funny. Made me laugh out loud. This sums up why I don't like Anime. Pretty much this on both points.

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I cringed somewhat because I was expecting people to take it seriously. There's a reason this is funny.

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It's because of how true it is. And yet people wonder why I don't like anime - now I can point to this video! Thanks Rockstar, for your continuing public service to mankind: I take it neither of you have seen a princes robot bubblegum of good anime.

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Try browsing around this site. Yeah, that's a pretty good portrayal of anything not on before midnight. All perfect hot sex daytime stuff is this princes robot bubblegum the obvious fan service. Does anyone know what the entire "bad translation" phrase is? I can make out "Dead body freezer Cthulu Fthagan or however that was spelled perhaps? Either way that was pretty princes robot bubblegum funny, if a bit hubblegum, particularly with the genetalia-shaped stuff.

Am I the porn resource one who will admit that they want to see this as a stand alone anime series?

This Show in a Show provides examples of:

I would so buy the full box set. That princes robot bubblegum an awesome pink tea slave lord. I love just how accurate all of robpt portrayals are for princes robot bubblegum of the translations By which I mean that isn't the case that often, take Hellsing for example, that is damn near right on the money I have seen it both with and without dubs and, at least to myself, it sounds even more ridiculous without dubs.

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