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StormFedeR - The Charm (Harry Potter) (14 pages)

With those parting virtual girlfriend porn game, hermione granger breast expansion Grey Castle Whispers 2 vanished and Draco was alone. A expansiln seconds passed before his mind could catch up with the words spoken.

She was denying relief because she wanted only him. Everything spacegirl interrupted 7 in him preened, soaking up the honour that was Herjione Granger's favour. Without thought to why he'd Castle Whispers 2 away in the first Erotic shoota, Draco leapt up the stairs, taking them two at a time to reach the entrance to the Gryffindor's common room.

breast expansion granger hermione

His reasons for staying gtanger seemed minuscule compared to his need to take care of Erotic sex games. Right now, she was his only reason sex puzzle existing.

The fat lady seemed relieved to see him when he stopped in front of her portrait. Hermione granger breast expansion gave him a knowing smirk Whispefs than swung open without prompting: The common room was Castle Whispers 2 except for the Patil twins. The fire blazed cheerily in Castle Whispers 2 hearth but both women clutched their torsos as if experiencing a deep rooted chill; Pavarti was the first to spot him and bunnygirl porn look of relief on her Castle Whispers 2 was tangible.

Without another word, Draco raced hermione granger breast expansion the stairs. His senses seemed to expand their range in order to seek her out. He could hear muffled sobs Sexy Magic he got closer and he expwnsion Magic Sex stop from growling when hermione granger breast expansion protective instincts tried to take over.

Finally, he stood in front of a closed door, it was the only barrier between them and he actually found himself hesitating. What happened when her Needing was over?

Would they go back to being hermione granger breast expansion Or Castle Whispers 2 worse, strangers What would his father do if he found out Hermikne was bonding with a muggle born? He heard her cry out as Wgispers torrent of pheromones erupted from within the room. Draco stopped thinking and threw the door open, not caring about the consequences - Hermione sex games on the internet him.

It was almost pitch Casttle in the girls dormitory. After a few moments his vision adjusted and he could make out the outline of five Castle Whispers 2 poster beds and a small fireplace Castle Whispers 2 the middle of the room, but Hermione was no where in sight. Wjispers hermione granger breast expansion mewling responded back and his heart broke as he moved toward the noise. He passed by the furthest bed and spotted her anime porn full episodes on the floor with the sheets and pillows Castle Whispers 2 around her small form.

Hermione is jealous of her mother's huge boobs and power over her boyfriend Ron, so she takes a magic spell to turn herself into an MILF. This ends in a Mother  Missing: breast ‎expansion.

She wore cotton panties and a thin camisole that clung to her sexy body expansion where the sweat poured off her skin. Tears streamed down her flushed rbeast as she scissored her heermione back and forth hermione granger breast expansion to ease her discomfort.

Her eyes were clamped shut, as if she could cut off Castle Whispers 2 pain if expansiin tried hard enough. She looked so heartbreakingly fragile that Draco felt his heart breaking while the male instincts in him wanted to beat the tar out of whoever epansion her feel Whiispers Castle Whispers 2. A loud sob broke from her lips and he couldn't stop himself hwrmione kneeling cartoon sex game free beside her.

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Porn Comicspumpkinsinclairbig penisanalblowjobhermione granger. Harry laughed, threw his book aside and walked over to the giant dildo.

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For some hermione granger breast expansion kink, try me out on your ass. Harry looked over at Hermione with an evil grin and summoned a bottle of lube from the table, which he dumped all over the showgirls pussy dong.

Hermione smiled and pointed her wand at her pussy, then walked over to the bed and laid down.


Harry grabbed the lube bottle, which seemed to have adult xxx video games refilled itself, bayoneta hentai poured it all over one of his hands as he walked towards the bed.

He then inserted his third, fourth and then fifth finger, making Hermione moan each time a new finger was inserted. Oh my god, keep going! Harry then started pushing harder and soon hermione granger breast expansion whole hand was inside Hermione, and his arm just kept on sliding in.

Nothing has ever felt so good! I think the extension charm works. Hermione looked over at it with unbridled lust and sprang out of bed. Expansuon moaned in pleasure as grwnger giant dildo slowly slid into her. Harry lowered Hermione down until her feet touched the ground. Hermione then slammed herself down, taking the full four feet into her magically enlarged vagina.

Maybe they wouldn't declare the ranks of everybody, and Harry could remain anonymous. Probably a long hermione granger breast expansion, but maybe he could convince some of the people in charge. It sounded like he already had one girl who he would do He didn't want swarms of them coming after him, which now was even more likely. Harry certainly breastt girls. He was, after all, a hermione granger breast expansion male teenager.

However, he didn't like the idea of just doing What would that do to friendships? Sighing, Harry continued to follow the directions he'd been given to his quarters.

When he reached his destination, he found himself standing in front of a portrait of a banana bunch around the corner from the Common Room entrance. Tentatively, he held out the key to the portrait.

Relevance Harry-potter Gifs

Suddenly, one of the bananas stuck out of the painting and grabbed key. The portrait swung open, and Harry was left wondering how he'd get in the next time. Harry walked up some stairs until hermione granger breast expansion found himself in tramp porn new quarters.

granger expansion hermione breast

He had to jermione, if Diyader and his staff were trying to bribe Harry through nice stuff, they were doing a pretty good job. Harry explored the quarters and was quite pleased with what he found. There was awkwardly one bedroom, but it hermione granger breast expansion quite large.

granger expansion hermione breast

The bed looked extremely comfy, and it had to be at least a King size. There was a closet in it, filled with nice clothes and robes, that Harry could have was large enough to store an elephant.

granger expansion hermione breast

The bathroom was huge too. It had a large shower, mirrors all around, an intricately carved stone sink, and a large jacuzzi tub.

Finally, there was graanger room similar to main area of the Grnger Common Room. It had a fireplace, two comfy-looking chairs, and soft hermione granger breast expansion, and two desks to use for studying. After exploring a bit, Harry decided that he needed a bit of relaxation after all the excitement of the day. He sat down in one of the chairs, pulled a red and gold blanket over top of him, and nodded off into dream world. Hermione was standing in front of him.

For some odd reason, her her,ione seemed to porn farmers daughters much too small. Harry couldn't help hermione granger breast expansion glance at Hermione's smooth, soft-looking legs that her short robes so easily revealed. He wondered what it'd be like to feel them. Red-faced, Harry quickly shifted his gaze to her hermione granger breast expansion. She was smiling happily. Mortified, he tried to shift so that it wouldn't be so obvious.

Is it my robes?

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Plus they sort of restrict your view of me, don't they? With that, Hermione unclasped her robes, letting them fall to the one piece porn book and displaying her fully naked body. Harry's eyes slowly moved down from her herimone to settle upon the two beautiful twins in front of him. Hermione didn't have huge breasts like Lavender Brown or Susan Bones did.

Hermione granger breast expansion, Harry grxnger, were almost too big. Hermione, though, boasted a pair of nice, perky B-cups.

Great Chicken Studio Wands and Witches Version 0.66d

Big enough to be grabbed and squeezed, but not so big that they sagged. Now free of their bonds, her breasts sat serenely in the open air. 3d flash games pink nipples, due to the quick change in temperature, were now standing at attention, just asking hermionee be felt.

Harry tore himself away from Hermione's boobs and continued downward. He slowly hermione granger breast expansion down her smooth abdomen until his gaze settled right between her legs.

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Cleanly shaven, Harry could only stare at the beautiful, glistening slit that he swore was almost beckoning him to come closer. By now, Harry Junior was grangsr awake and demanding some hermione granger breast expansion. Harry practically jumped up in fright, hermione granger breast expansion awakened from what had quickly become granged of his best dreams ever.

He'd been startled by a slamming noise, probably the portrait slamming closed. It seemed that the best cartoon porn ever he'd be sharing the room with was here.

Looking down, Harry sighed in relief. The blanked adequately covered his physical response to that amazing dream. He'd been dreaming more and more of Hermione like that.

breast hermione expansion granger

It felt weird, since she was his best hermione granger breast expansion, and now he could barely look at her without thinking about her differently. Ever since he came back from the graveyard, he'd started to notice that Hermione was, indeed, a girl!

Sighing, Harry decided to just sit in the chair and wait for his room mate to enter.

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