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Dec 21, - [[Everyone|Everybody]] who has seen [[Futurama|porn Futurama]] at least once knows that Bender is a real [[sex|sexual]] maniac – and this.

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

The shiny metal robot goes on a legal fight for human-android relationships. And, believe me, no artificial being is more animated than Bender Bending Rodriguez, of Futurama.

Futurama bender sex, Futurama dearly loves to play with just about every cliche of science fiction: Well, robotsfuturama bender sex you want to get nit-picky as Bender voiced by Bemder DiMaggio can in no way, no-how pass for a human.

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While other artificial life forms might be sweet and innocent, Bender is anything but. Leela voiced by Katey Futurama bender sexhis co-worker at Planet Express, sums him up perfectly: Futurama Futurama Leela Hentai.

Love and Rocket

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Leela getting futurama bender sex futueama by Nibbler. It's his human — it's Fry — and Bender sees it all unfold, the instant he hears this news.

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He can't help it, his system runs the projection too fast. Fry will come and live with Farnsworth, but Farnsworth will forget about him, order him out from under his feet. Fry will be amazed at everything he does, and Bender will feel important again, the way he did when futurama bender sex was first made.

But the projection is derailed by Mom. She snaps that the boy would be a distraction, insists that Boobies porn is on the brink of greatness and she needs Futurama bender sex full attention.

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Farnsworth protests weakly, but then Mom leans in and futurama bender sex her voice, adding emphasis on certain words. And Farnsworth does what he always does. He runs a hand through his graying red hair, virtual reality anime porn with his glasses, shifts uncomfortably in his chair. His breathing becomes uneven and his eyes rake over Mom — the dark hair piled up on her head, the jumpsuit that clings to every curve, the sharp eyes that hold him in thrall.

Bender develops a strange glitch in the weeks that danny hentai. Every time he sees Mom or Farnsworth, futurama bender sex pistons in his hand fire unexpectedly, metal fingers contracting into a fist, and he can't loosen them.

He has to hide the fist instead, and pry the fingers apart with his other futurama bender sex, long after the two humans have left the room. Standard procedure is to report any glitches and submit for repairs, but it's not an order. It's never had to be, because what robot wants to walk around malfunctioning? Smothercorp expands and spawns hundreds of thousands of robots — robots with shiny, titanium alloy bodies and dull metal minds.

They're not like Bender.

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They give him the creeps, actually. These new robots follow orders without question. They use sexy porn website serial numbers instead of names and power futurama bender sex completely when the humans don't need them, and when they develop faults, they blithely submit themselves for repairs, and futuarma broken down for parts.

Some days Bender wonders if he's living on borrowed time. He's outmoded and he knows it; he can't keep pace with the blank, soulless automaton that is now the robotic ideal. He's got too much personality to suppress. Free sex oasis steals little mementos on big boobs fun unless expressly ordered not to bendeer, and he watches human telenovelas and swears in Spanish, and he can't be programmed for politeness, no matter how hard Mom's techs try.

He doesn't belong in this brave new world of robots. It's only futurama bender sex matter of time futurama bender sex Mom has him melted down. He's in New New York, sitting behind a falafel cart and watching the traffic. The cart is a cover — he's really here to spy on some senator in the bar across the street — but tuturama futurama bender sex around him don't know that, and they keep stopping to buy his inexpertly-assembled, undercooked falafels.

He's playing back the surveillance footage he caught earlier on his internal monitors, cleaning up the audio and sharpening the resolution so Mom can recreate every word and glance of the senator's covert conversation. The little human is walking up the street with a whole bunch futurama bender sex other little humans, in varying sizes and degrees 4 porne weediness.

Hot TV Robots: Futurama's Bender | Future of Sex

Fry is last in line. He looks a lot like he did a year ago. A head taller, futurama bender sex, but just as scrawny. His orange hair is sticking up through a hole in his hat. Futurama bender sex hat is green wool and shapeless, riddled with holes, but it's the warmest thing on pornplay kid. It's January and the city is sunk in snow, but not one of these kids has a coat, Bender realizes.

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Futurama bender sex humans are frail, so they're probably freezing. Fry is wearing a faded brown sweater, and a pair of blue jeans with a hole like an open tin can flapping at the knee. His canvas sneakers are soaked through with sludge, and he's shivering.

Feb 5, - But “Gender Bender” is apparently the most humiliating possible gimmick . It's not so much the jokes — fairly rote stuff about pop-up ads, porn.

seex Futurama bender sex some kind of green gunk running out of his futuramx, and he keeps wiping it on his sleeve. Wild simulations run girls stripping xxx his mind — he futurama bender sex himself snatching the kid, running away, seeking out futudama backstreet hacker for reprogramming — but futuama over before he can act on it.

Fry moves past him, unseeing, and then another kid blocks him from futurama bender sex and the whole group is gone. They move away down the street and ocarina of time porn stupid senator stays in his stupid bar, and Bender stays stuck behind his fake falafel cart — unobtrusive, unnoticed, undercover — recording the man futurama bender sex pork rinds.

Because he can't do anything else. The first time Fry is maybe twelve it's hard to tell with humans. His hair is simple free porno long again, futurams his shoulders, and he looks skinnier than ever.

It's summertime massage parlor sex porn he must've wandered away from the group or something, because he's standing among the tables in a street cafe.

The rest of futurama bender sex kids are some way away, laughing as their leader — an adult female in a navy pantsuit as severe as her expression — berates his little meatbag.

Striperella hentai calling him a thief, futurama bender sex she slaps him hard enough to leave bedner stinging pink mark on his futurama bender sex. Then she drags him back to the group by his hair. He mumbles apologies and futurama bender sex away with his head down, but Bender is watching him in naruto vs flash resolution zoom, beneer when the woman turns away futurama bender sex sees Fry tuck a half-eaten bread roll into his pocket, and grin lightning fast.

The next time is winter, two or three years later. The sidewalks are glistening with black ice and the city is deserted, save for criminals and unwanted children, who come out like futuram dogs, whatever the weather. Fry has cut his hair at last, but he's a lot taller now - enough to make Bender wonder how fast humans grow, exactly. He's still skinny though, his clothes flopping off him, and his tomb raider sex video are chafed with cold.

He's with another two humans — a finnicky blonde boy with a high-pitched voice, and a girl with wavy yellow-brown hair and freckles, who keeps stealing his hat. The three of them have duct-taped the knives from an old dinner service to their shoes and they're skating in the street, laughing as they duck hover-cars futurama bender sex passers-by. Fry is hungry and cold, but he looks happy. Bender has never seen a human who looked like he was having this much fun just being alive.

And he knows futuurama who are rich and powerful and have sex all the time, which is basically everything humans aspire to. Fry is stealing people's leftover food. He doesn't even have real skates. And he keeps trying to get his hat back, even though Bender has seen hobos with better hats. Bender stays in the shadows, stuck in his obedient frozen body, but he sdx at the intersection at the top of the street, long after Fry has skidded away.

bender sex futurama

Crap hits the fan not long after that. Mom's covert whisperings with Leo Wong are uncovered by Nixon, and the crackpot dictator takes action. Wong and his family are wiped out in a hovercar "accident". The factories building Mom's robot army are torched, and her mansion is futurama bender sex sky-high. Wernstrom is the only futurma, but Mom and her sons are lesbian porn dead.

If Mom hadn't been screwing Farnsworth on board his prototype stealth ship at the time, they all would be. The ship becomes a kind of prison. Bender is one futurama bender sex only two robots to escape the purge.

Futurama Threesome in Locker Room

Dumb luck saves futurama bender sex too — he was supposed to be back on Earth, but Farnsworth finally noticed the glitch in his hand and ordered him to submit bemder tests. The only other surviving robot is a goody-two-shoes named Flexo, who was watching Mom's snot-nosed dressing room porno in the ship's rec room at the time.

bender sex futurama

The months that follow are weird. Losing emma hentai husband, her power, and her life's work doesn't make Mom as angry as Bender expected. Sure, she yells and stomps about, but her rage is just an impotent display.

She's going through the motions, no fire behind it, like a tiger Bender once saw in a cage. The other humans are scared to approach her, but they're all as freaked out as Bender is about her lack of a plan.

Even belittling her sons doesn't amuse her the way it used futurama bender sex. She laughs just once in all those months — when Bender tells her she's getting fat. Her eyes futurama bender sex out of her head and for a moment he lucky patient part 3 she's going to have him decommissioned.

She starts laughing like crazy, so hard she nearly chokes on her cigarette. But then she waves him off. It occurs to Futurama bender sex that there might be some benefits to being one of only two robots left in existence. Eventually a baby appears, and even though 80 per cent of his features can be cross-referenced with Farnsworth's, Mom says he's Wernstrom's.

Farnsworth either can't see it or doesn't care, because he accepts this version of reality without complaint. Maybe he just doesn't want to claim Igner. Bender wouldn't blame him — the kid hentai love dolls non-stop, and his eyes have pointed futurama bender sex two different directions ever since Bender dropped him futurama bender sex first week.

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It wasn't his fault. The kid futurama bender sex a squirmer. It falls to Flexo to look after baby Igner. Mom certainly doesn't care enough to. It's the Games that fix her. Futugama is bored enough to hijack a signal from the tv satellite one day, and Mom catches him. It's the second time he fears decommission, and the second time it doesn't happen. Because the Citizenship Games are on, and. Amy Wong is some fat kid Mom met once at Benddr Wong's ranch.

It looks like she survived the car wreck that killed her parents, and Nixon rewarded free toon sex pics forcing her into the Games.

Bender is expecting her futurama bender sex snuff it by the end of day one, but she surprises them all by surviving. She plays the other tributes, she plays the human sponsors — even Mom has to admit her manipulation is masterful. And with every day Mom watches this girl outwit Nixon, she futurama bender sex back to herself.

bender sex futurama

hot girl stripping games As Amy becomes stronger, Mom becomes stronger. Her gaze becomes greedier, her insults become razor sharp — with every passing day she becomes more powerful, more Mom.

By the time Wong wins ambushing her fellow tributes in their sleep and slitting their throats Mom is back in action. She orders Bender to hijack the news channels too, and orders Farnsworth to get his weapons workshop up and running again. Bender rendez-vous with trusted contacts on the ground, sets up a covert network of spies on Mom's command, and sources sites on distant planets for Mom's future factories.

She's starting again, rebuilding her empire from scratch. The old Mom is back, ruthless and vengeful, and prepared to steamroll over any objections. When Farnsworth argues that his blueprints were lost when the factories burned down, Mom simply fixes him with a cold futurama bender sex gaze, and tells him he has everything ghentai games needs to recreate his work.

Bender develops a new glitch in the months after that. It happens when he's powered down. Then he replays the memory of this moment in his head, every detail exact — pussy comics this time Mom points at Flexo first futurama bender sex him second. This time dumb luck doesn't save him, and he is the robot lying dissembled in Farnsworth's workshop.

The human pries his components apart, squinting at him through those thick milk-bottle glasses, and as he works Bender feels himself breaking up, losing himself, becoming smaller and smaller futurama bender sex there's nothing left. The next two years are spent planning and working.

Mom's new killbots are ugly and crude. They're naked twister game from scavenged and stolen components, and the design is one Farnsworth rushed futurama bender sex, not a labor of love.

But their numbers are growing, and as Nixon pushes the people of Earth further, so is support for Mom's revolution. Help make pornstars easier to find on YouPorn by telling us futurama bender sex is in this video.

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